"I went to Nepal to give the people medicine for their bodies and in turn they gave me medicine for my soul. This expedition was the difference between thinking about making my life meaning and doing it."
Zoe Robbins RN,MSN VA Hospital Salt Lake City, Utah

Prepare a personal list of basic first aid supplies.

Antibiotic ointment, band-aids, ace band ages, rehydration salts, adult & baby aspirin, acetaminophen, anti-fungal creme, iodine etc. Double up on these basic humanitarian first aid supplies.

Deliver the extra supplies to health posts that are sure to exist on the trails and routes of your adventure.

Be sure all supplies are not expired. Do not deliver prescription medication. Questioning locals will help lead you to community health clinics in need. You will begin to fill meager supply shelves and together we can all make a big difference.

Document your purchase and delivery of supplies with photos.

Medicines Global would like to post your photos and thoughts on the act of giving back to the places you visit.