Medicines Global(GB) is dedicated to inspire all adventure travelers to Give Back(GB)
to the places they visit by delivering basic first aid supplies to medical centers and remote community run health posts.

On Medicines Global’s first expedition to Nepal in 1999, 3000 units of pharmaceutical strength Vitamin A
were delivered reversing early nutritional blindness in 1000s of children. Medicines Global(GB) networks
within the outdoor retail world, food industry and medical relief agencies to
create innovative ways of delivering critical first aid supplies through the hands of individual adventure travelers.
Since 1999, seventeen expeditions have taken medicines and provisions to Nepal, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, Tibet,
Ecuador, Sri Lanka, El Salvador and hurricane ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi.
In addition to our expeditions several thousand calls and emails have come in from individual travelers
who want to make a difference by giving back to the places that they visit.

Medicines Global serves as the parent organization for the Medicines Global Outdoor Youth Ambassador (MGOYA) program created in 2004.

MGOYA programs work with urban youth creating opportunities for outdoor adventures such as surfing, stand up paddle-
boarding, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, climbing and camping.
MGOYA programs develop humanitarian, environmental and nutritional awareness.

2002 Nepal Expedition   2003 Nepal Expedition   2007 MGOYA Nepal Expedition